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The Creative Process

Our artists are helping to guide students through a creative process to develop a shared artwork. This is the golden thread that unites the workshops that Giacomo Lion is hosting with students at the Liceo Artistico Sant’Orsola in Rome and the children at the IC Parco della Vittoria for the BNL Media Art Festival.

With the middle school students, Giacomo is developing a real time performance in which the students will wear masks to conceal their identity and be able to freely express themselves to represent what they feel it means to live in a digital environment. At the artistic liceo, with the help of Prof Alberto Montorfano, Giacomo and his students will conceive, model and produce 3D objects.

After designing totems representing their fears and passions, the students will model them out of clay into real sculptures. Then, with the support of the labs at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the students will use open source modelling programmes to create 3D objects that can be put together.

The final phase of the project will be held during the BNL Media Art Festival, where the audience will be able to take the totems apart and create new works of art.

What’s Happening in Our Schools Today

10–12 am IC Largo Cocconi in Rome will be at the Fab Lab and Sound Art Lab with artists Leonardo Zaccone.

Interviews by Eleonora Curatola at the Istituto Sant’Orsola


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