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Festival Statements

The opening press conference for the del BNL Media Art Festival (Rome, April 13-17) was held yesterday at the MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Art.


Here are some of the statements made by the protagonists, as reported by press agencies:


Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism

“The digital era is an extraordinary world with great talents.”

“Events like this are fundamental for our message. We are behind other countries that have invested more on the present moment, on art and contemporary culture.”

“We have invested in safeguarding the cultural heritage that was bequeathed to us from former generations. We have to continue doing this for the future, investing in contemporary art, architecture and the creative and cultural industries. It will be a great growth catalyst for the country.”

“There is an extraordinary world of great teachers and great talents who are related to Italian creativity in the digital era and provide a fertile terrain to blossom and reach global appreciation.”


Giovanna Melandri, President, Fondazione MAXXI

“I’m extremely pleased to host this festival with a rich programme of events that will allow the Maxxi to become an open, inclusive, pulsating environment, a place where the students and young men and women who have worked with digital media artists will be able to showcase their work at the Spazio D. A place from the future, where cutting edge technology works for art and creativity.”


Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale

“We want media art to introduce young men and women to the professions of the future and the creative and cultural industries. It’s an important, strategic axis for the development of a country.”

“Emerging works reveal a high component of technology and creativity.”

“The BNL Media Art Festival is a unique initiative on the Italian panorama with a strong international value.”


Luigi Abete, President, BNL Group BNP Paribas

“In BNL, we believe in art as ‘know how,’ a place were ideas, creativity and innovation takes shape, providing opportunities for business with individuals and companies, alike. BNL support the Media Art Festival to contribute to the diffusion of new ideas.”

“It’s a very important event for us because it’s unique. It’s part of our philosophy and culture of continuity: art, technology and change are key words in our world. In fact, they are in our message: The bank for a changing world.”



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