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Body and media


Fri, 01/07/2016


The Summer School organized by MED, the Italian Association for Media and Communication Education, will be held in Lucca on July 3-8, 2016. This year the focus will be “From the medium body to the mediated body: education, representation and relations.”


On the opening day, Sunday, July 3, BNL Media Art Festival Director Valentino Catricalà will hold a presentation on “Art, Body and Digital Technology” (5-7 pm, Complesso San Micheletto,Lucca).


From the medium body to the mediated body: education, representation and relations


In the new millennium, the body in photography, print, TV, advertising, videogames and many other digital media is represented differently based on culture and function: fashion and sports, education, sales and folklore and in a variety of social representations. There is an increasing interest in posture, in exterior appeal, utility and significance of the artefacts that it uses, including ornaments, clothing and, lately, wearable technology.


The Media Education Summer School 2016 explores the theoretical and practical educational aspects of this to provide new generations with a greater awareness of the changes in society and identity created by the representation of the body in media. The course addresses teachers, educators, media professionals, social operators and psychologists.


The MED is certified by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research for teacher training activities and the Summer School is part of the MED-MIUR Memorandum of Understanding (December 3, 2015).



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