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Art Award

The jury of the BNL Media Art Festival has selected the two winners. The BNL Group BNP Paribas Award for first place goes to the “Murmur L.C. Librans” sound installation developed by the Tullio Levi Civita School in Rome with Simone Pappalardo, while the Samsung Award goes to “It’s just a game” by Maria Rosa Jijon, one of the artists of the international call.


BNL, festival co-producer and partner, will acquire Pappalardo’s work that will become part of the Bank’s artistic heritage.

The awards ceremony will be held today – Saturday, April 16 – at 12:30 am at the MAXXI Spazio D.



simone-pappalardoSimone Pappalardo is one of the 13 artists in Rome, Milan and Naples, who worked with students in 12 schools to develop digital art projects for the BNL Media Art Festival. He developed the Murmur L.C. Librans sound installation, which was selected by the jury, with Class 2C at the Liceo Tullio Levi Civita.

The award, provided by BNL Group BNP Paribas, the event co-producer goes to the artist and the work created with a school. Moreover, the work will become part of the BNL artistic heritage that currently counts ca. 5000 works.

The School class, coordinated by Prof. Alfonso Liparulo, wins ten tablets donated by Samsung to the school, managed by Headmaster Claudia Scipioni.


Maxxi spazio D


mariarosa-jilionArtisti Maria Rosa Jijon, won a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality visor and a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone with her work entitled “It’s just a game.” The Ecuadorian activist forces us to look at the migratory phenomenon in a new and paradoxical way through her “social game” and the continuous crossing of borders.





Maxxi spazio D



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