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enlightThe ENLIGHT (European Light Expression Network) started in May 2016 will have a duration of 20 month and it is implemented under the Creative Europe Programme.


The project’s key objectives are to develop new audiences for multidisciplinary visual arts, light art in particular, also raising awareness among the arts community as well as general public. Through the format of “artist residencies”, the aim is to develop a brand associated with high-quality experiences for innovative light art production.

Project Partner

The partnership will allow the project to involve local institutions, creative and digital sector enterprises and research centres to exchange competences. The artists will have the chance to take part in artist residencies during which develop their own project to be presented during the International Festivals organized by the project partners.

The project aims to enhance the mobility of artists at European level, by supporting the development of companies operating in the cultural field, the development of opportunities for the creation of highly innovative projects and the exchange of expertise between the arts’ sector and that of social innovation.


  • International call for artist
  • Artists Residences in Manchester, Rome and Stavanger
  • Creation of cultural projects on the theme of light
  • 4 International Festivals: BNL Media Art Festival (Rome), En-Light_En Festival, (Manchester), i/o/lab Center (Stavanger), Aberdeen’s Festival of Light (Aberdeen)

For more information

Valentino Catricalà

Annaleda Mazzucato


Artists of Media Art Festival

42167695481_728d7238a7_oChiara Passa: visual artist (Rome 1973) working in media art since 1997. My artistic research analyses differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques technologies and devices – often using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as an artistic medium. So, I work with animations, net-artworks, interactive and site-specific video-installations and VR video-sculptures and video objects.



42167694781_47e1a8da7f_oRobert Lisek:  artist, mathematician and composer who focuses on systems and processes (computational, biological, social). He is involved in the number of projects focused on radical art strategies, hacktivism and tactical media.




42191870611_3cb76ff015_oNoise Orchestra: Manchester sound artists David Birchall and Vicky Clarke. They use light, electronics, turntables and graphical scores to translate light, images and objects into NOISE; a process called graphical sound. Their practice operates at the intersection of art, experimental music and technology and manifests in performances, DIY instrument making, workshops and installations; all inspired by the photo-phonic principles of synthesizing sound from light.






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