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MAF: Video Report

On May 17-19, 2018, over 50 artists from 10 countries, from the United States to Russia, showcased their works at the “The Great Convergence: Natural and Artificial Intelligence” Exhibition. Addressing the relation between natural creativity and artificial intelligence, the artists at the Media Art Festival 2018 invited us to discover unexpected relations, reflect on the potential of media art to help us understand cultural and social urgencies and interpret the complexity of our age.


Who are we? Who will we be? What will we become? Through installations, robotic applications, sound art and video art, the artists involved the audience in an original outlook on the world, a fascinating experience of knowledge that can deeply transform us and motivate new habits.


Immerge yourself in the magical atmosphere of the exhibition at the Rome “Maxxi” and relive some of the events in the footage shot and edited by Fiammetta Castagnini.