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Voluminous Images

Curious, perplexed, uncertain … Alessandra (14) attends ITT Livia Bottardi and is participating with her class in European Project Holomalers to learn how to develop holograms and create a work of art to showcase at the Media Art Festival 2018.


In this interview with Eleonora Curatola, Alessandra serenely reveals her state of mind after the first day of lab activities. Under the supervision of Alex Fanelli and Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach Matteo Viscogliosi, Alessandra and her classmates have learned how to create holograms. Tomorrow, the students will attend a further session on hologram production. Today, the training session is for students at the IIS Via Sarandì di Roma.




Holomakers, implemented as part of the Erasmus+ Programme, involves upper school students in the study of STEM subjects thanks to new teaching methodologies that involve, for example, holograms, virtual images and design.

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