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The Art Perspective

After the meeting held at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym on March 21, appointments in schools continue for European Project Holomakers. During the first meeting, Aristi Alex Fanelli and Fondazione Mondo Digitale Coach Matteo Viscogliosi explained how to create holograms to the students at the Livia Bottardi, Via Sarandì and Kennedy Schools. Today, the appointment is at the Istituto tecnico per il turismo Livia Bottardi, directed by Giovanni Valerio D’Elia.


In this short video interview with Eleonora Curatola, Professor Carla Pannone explains why she chose to participate in Project HoloMakers. It allows students to participate actively in digital transformation, experimenting with innovative technological techniques that are closely related to art.


“It is important for students to design and develop products,” the professor emphasises. And this is one of the main objectives of the Media Art Festival Event and Project, which organises production labs in schools.



Il calendario dei prossimi appuntamenti formativi

Upcoming Labs

ITT Livia Bottardi
•March 28
•April 10
•May 4


IIS Sarandì
•April 9
•April 24
•May 3


LS Kennedy
•   April 16
•   May 2 

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