media art

Art Experience

Art production labs continue in the run up to the Media Art Festival (May, 17-19, 2018). Today, artistic duo Dehors/Audela,…

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The Art Perspective

After the meeting held at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym on March 21, appointments in schools continue for European Project Holomakers….

Visual Artists

Today, artist Daniela Di Maro is at work in Milan with students at the Liceo artistico statale di Brera, directed…

Augmented Creativity

School labs with artists are one of the most original characteristics of the Media Art Festival (May 17-19, 2018) format-event….

Palermo at MAF

The art production laboratory that is held in schools for every edition of the Media Art Festival arrives in Palermo….

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Smart Glass for Art

After Milan, this week, schools in Rome [see news: Media Art is Whole-Brain]. will start to work on projects for…

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