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Sonorous Waste

Twenty-one students in Class 2C at the Istituto d’istruzione superiore Tullio Levi Civita in Rome are working with artists Simone Pappalardo to develop a digital work for the BNL Media Art Festival.

The students project, called Sound Art, brings together the recycling of waste, electromagnetism and artificial intelligence programmes. The project aims to develop instruments made of waste materials collected in the school – such as cans, bottles and glass – that will produce sounds thanks to electromagnetic induction generated by a magnet and coil and picked up by a common microphone.

In order to sound the instruments, the students will create musical scores based on daily life that can be written on walls, tiles or cracks on walls. The images will be turned into original scores that will be decoded and transformed into notes via a digital programme that will “play” the instruments.

This is an original and ambitious project that is raising curiosity and exciting the students. In this phase, they are learning to coordinate and follow the musical director like a real orchestra would, but playing unheard of and improvised instruments built out of plastic and latex gloves.

Twelve artists are working with as many schools in Naples, Rome and Milan to create digital works for the prestigious BNL Media Art Festival, which will be held on April 13-17 at the Rome “Museo nazionale per le arti del XXI secolo” and other prestigious locations.

Today, the appointment is at the Liceo Terenzio Mamiani for the Video Art Lab with Eva Tennina and Ryan Spring Dooley [vedi la news Snips of Reality].

Interviews by Eleonora Curatola





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