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I Am Always Where I Should Be

IMG_1102IIS Sarandì, ITT Livia Bottardi, LS Kennedy, Roma

What are the physical principles of a hologram? How are they produced? What is visible and what is invisible? What is invisible, but can be recognised by other senses? And what is only visible through research tools? Holograms show something that is visible but exists on account of an illusion produced by light refraction.

For Project Holomakers, participating classes researched images and selected the photos to reproduce with Octave software and advanced graphic programmes and promote their artistic aspects.

The shared work entitled “I Am Always Where I Should Be,” developed by students at three Roman schools (Via Sarandì, Livia Bottardi, Kennedy) with Artist Alex Fanelli, will be exhibited at the Rome  (May 17- 19) for the fourth edition of the Media Art Festival.

Progetto Homomakers Confinanziato dal Programma Erasmus+




fotoAlex Fanelli

Alex, twenty-six years old, is obsessed by time and even more obsessed by the prospect of playing with it. Indeed, most of his works are based on time. Experimenting with photography, he turned to video, his favourite means.


He currently attends the Rome Accademia di Belle Arti, where he is studying multimedia visual arts. In 2016, he graduated in Decoration from the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin.

Thursday April 26th, 2018

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