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Media Art Festival 2018

The fourth edition of the Media Art Festival will focus on the relation between human creativity and activities carried out by machines and computers. These unexpected relations will be presented in “The Great Convergence: Natural and Artificial Intelligence” Exhibition that will be held at the Rome MAXXI – 21st Century Arts Museum.


In fact, media art is considered as the art form with the greatest potential to raise awareness on cultural urgencies, portray the way in which interpret complexity and transform digital artists into activists for change. It is world-changing art.


Media art questions us. Who are we? Who will we be? Media art accelerates the process through which culture has already been recognised as the necessary infrastructure to manage the increasing complexity of our planet.




Rome, May 17–19, 2018

MAXXI | 21st Century Arts Museum | Via Guido Reni 4/a

Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma | Via di Ripetta 222

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts | Via Benaco 2


Installations, video art, sound art, light art, tutorials: 50 artists from 10 countries will provide participants with an original perspective on the world, a fascinating experience of knowledge that can deeply transform us and motivate us to adopt new attitudes and behaviours.


Thanks to the United States Embassy in Italy, Eduard Kac, an artist of Brazilian descent, will showcase the first performance developed in space in collaboration with French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet.


“Inner Telescope”, a work conceived for zero gravity and the materials available on the International Space Station, will call on us to review our relationship with the world and position in the universe. Other works on show include Gary Hill’s mental experiments and works by Vasulkas, two video art pioneers.


As in the other editions of the festival, there will also be original works produced in schools, academies and at the Phyrtual Innovation Gym, thanks to European partnerships and technology partners that invest in creativity, like Epson.


Media Art Festival 2018 Programme by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale


Thursday May 17th, 2018