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Light Artists

Five artists whom we met in Rome will attend Spectra, Aberdeen’s Festival of Light, in Scotland on February 8-11, 2018.


SPECTRA, which is organised by the City of Aberdeen in collaboration with Curated Place, will enliven the winter evenings with new sound and light experiences. In fact, the focus of the fifth edition is “Play the Night.”


The Media Art Festival Artists at Spectra are:

•Yiannis Kranidiotis | Touch Me Project Enlight, Artist in Residence, UK

•Noise Orchestra | SWARM Project Enlight, Artist in Residence, Rome (Phyrtual Innovation Gym)

•RaumZeitPiraten | OctopusGarden Progetto Enlight, Artist in Residence, Rome (Phyrtual Innovation Gym)

•Stanza | The Reader Project Enlight, Artist in Residence, Norway

•Chiara Passa | From Inside Geometry Double Language Two Times Four


Artists and works from Project European Light Expression Network (Europa Creativa Programme) at Spectra




Artist Chiara Passa and her work



Project European Light Expression Network (ENLIGHT), which began in May 2016, will last 20 months. The project is implemented as part of the Europa Creativa Programme. The objective of the project is to develop new audiences for visual arts and, particularly, in a multi-disciplinary perspective related to light. The “Artist in Residence” format allows ENLIGHT to become a brand that can be associated with high-quality experiences for the innovative production of light art, a new field to develop that will connect to and raise awareness about the world of art and culture, in general.



Wednesday February 7th, 2018

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