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Call for Artists

The Call for Artists for the 2018 edition of the Media Art Festival, promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale is now available on-line at:

The focus of the next edition, which will be held in Rome on May 3-6, 2018, is The Big Challenge: Natural and Artificial Intelligence.

The objective of the Media Art Festival is to unite art, science and technology for the common benefit of society. Our great technological and human challenges require that art address difficult issues to efficiently interpret the cultural urgencies of our times.

And artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the crucial challenges of this millennium. If we abandon the idea of an automaton that resembles humans, we will realise that artificial intelligence already pervades our lives. The objects that we use daily – smartphones, computers, tablets – are the results of years of research.

AI currently lives in close contact with our natural intelligence, creating unexpected relations. New stimuli and new forms of rationality emerge that, in turn, create new needs for society. How can we truly understand these phenomena? How can we face them with greater awareness? The Media Art Festival 2018 will focus on these challenges for art in the 21st century.

Each artist may present a maximum of two projects in four categories: installations, video art, performance, and sound art. Participation is free.

A jury will select proposals and reserves the right to make decisions based on feasibility, innovation, originality and adherence of the project to the theme of the 2018 edition.

Artists who present a candidature in the Installation Category must specify whether they have all the materials necessary for the creation of the work. If the artist does not have all the material required, the organizing committee will evaluate the feasibility of the work based on costs, necessary materials and exhibition space.

The projects will retain all IP rights to the works and guarantee its originality. Participating in the open call, the artists accept the temporary exhibition of their works at the Festival.

Submission deadline: October 15, 2017.

The call results will be published on


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